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The Modern Day Basketball Jersey
Basketball merchandise has always been stylish for both men and women – particularly since hip-hop culture boomed in the ‘90s and went from strength to strength, reaching its worldwide status of today. As sportswear – the basketball jersey is amongst the most advanced in the world. For all the athletic disciplines a brand like adidas is involved with, the same level of innovation and scientific nous is applied to each product’s manufacturing process. And the post-2012 basketball jersey is one of the manufacturer’s masterworks. The latest adidas NBA jerseys are 60% made from recycled materials. The fabric is lighter than ever before and uses ClimaCool Zones to quickly move sweat away from your skin. This same tech is used in adidas clothing for a variety of intense sports. On top of that, the modern day basketball jersey is highly flexible – owing to adizero fabric, stretchy armhole insets and adidas FORMOTION technology. The latter minimises contact between the material and skin, so you can move naturally on the court. This is just one example of a highly evolved basketball jersey, worn by a huge amount of international ballers across the world today. Click on the adidas products here to find out more and place your order for Fanatics to deliver.

The Evolution of Basketball Jerseys
Like many sports, basketball began with players wearing semi-regular clothing and only when the sport gained some traction did the need for game-specific attire emerge. Records show that the earliest uniforms featured full length pants and woollen tops. Polyester fabrics were developed in the 1960s and finally, ballers could breathe on the court. Inspired by track & field uniforms, the new synthetic basketball jerseys kept players cooler and more lightweight. Throughout the early ‘80s more colourful and stylish jerseys were introduced – giving players, teams and fans more recognisable basketball identities. The most notable change in basketball clothing history came later in that decade, when Michael Jordan asked for his shorts to be longer – allegedly so he could grip his knees when bending over to breathe. From that point on baggy shorts would become just as symbolic to basketball as its sleevless and fashionable jerseys. Over the years, materials have been put under the microscope and revolutionised in terms of weight, breathability and look. The latter is particularly significant - it’s almost as if the evolution of the jersey has come full circle: The original ballers wore their regular clothes during play and the modern fans were their ball-playing clothes during everyday life. Whereas much of this fashion trend has been down to the influence of hip-hop, it’s difficult to argue against the aesthetic appeal of every jersey you see on this page. Even non-fans wear these tops just because they look great over a t-shirt, while wearing jeans and a fresh pair of trainers.

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