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Basketball Shoes Spin your marker into a carousel, get the jump on them at the hoop and sink back into your cushioned basketball shoes when you land. The subtle edges you have on your enemies can make all the difference. Pick out the shoes that match how you ball. LeBron James likes his footwear to be highly cushioned – because he’s a beast who puts a lot of pressure on his ankles every time he dunks. Makes sense. The big man also likes his Nikes to look awesome. Basically, he wants them to look good on the court and on the street. Are you on-board with James? What do you want in a basketball shoe? If you’re a nimble forward who prefers to twist between defensive lines and free up some space for the power guys on your team, then you’ll want a lightweight shoe with high-flexibility. Something like the Jordan Super Fly would be perfect. If you’re more of a hoop-to-hoop centre, then you want a versatile shoe that offers plenty of support and energy. For bigs, we’d recommend something along the lines of the HyperDunk by Nike. For SGs, the Kobe 8s are incredible. Low-cut and low-profile. But don’t just take our word for it – use the buying guide below to make a more informed choice on your weapons. Buying your Basketball Shoes from Fanatics First, get a mirror and take a good long look at yourself. Okay – you don’t have to that. But when choosing your basketball shoes, it helps if you really know yourself, know how you play and know how you want to improve.
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