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Snapback Caps – The Story
Back in the 1950s, the first snapback caps were introduced in America, to become part of certain baseball kits – helping players to shield their eyes from sun glare. As the sport surged in popularity – so did its merchandise. To show their affiliation with a team, fans started donning the snapback caps in the stands. Then came the ‘90s. Rappers from the East and West Coast of America started wearing snapback caps as part of their apparel on the streets. Then boom – a few music videos showed them wearing the hats and everybody wanted in. If an icon like Dr Dre is wearing something as noticeable and stylish as a snapback cap – the world is bound to take notice. And it did. Manufacturers started to create more intricate designs for a range of different sports – like basketball. Now, there is no practical advantage for a baller to be wearing a snapback cap on the court (unless they wear it backwards outdoors to protect their neck from sunburn). The reason the snapback had entered new sporting disciplines, was because it was cool. It became more of a fashion accessory than a piece of sports kit. As more American students started to study in the UK and Europe, that culture followed. A new love for basketball began to spread – as did its accompanying fashion breakthroughs. The snapback cap had gone global by the late ‘90s. Today, it’s as strong as ever – as proven by the likes of Jay Z and other current stars. It’s a simple design that works to fit as snug as possible on anybody’s head. Choose your team, embrace their colours and get the snapback hat to match.

Buy Snapback Caps from Fanatics
Save yourself a trip to the shops and order your snapback cap right here, right now. It’s easy. Whether you’re a Celtics fan or Lakers through and through, we’ve got the snapback cap or beanie for you on this page. Click the icon, pick your best size from the dropdown menu and remember - you can give us your initials to embroider into the material. Make the cap your own. Then all you have to do is add to basket and move onto the checkout zone. Type in your details and we’ll get the cap delivered to your door.
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