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Yoga Mats

Whether your taking up yoga or just getting a new mat; we have a great range of high quality yoga and pilates mats from the leading brands!
Sorry, we are temporarily out of stock in this category, please check back soon for the new ranges.
If you are a yoga fanatic, then the Yoga mats at are for you. Our Gym mats are our most popular fitness item and come in a range of sizes and thickness. These extremely handy exercise mats have all manner of uses in fitness regimes; from yoga to Pilates, or they are great for sit ups and plank exercises or doing exercise DVDs in your home. Great Yoga mats give you the grip you need on the floor, so that you do not slip about and they give you the stability to do the most extravagant poses. Our exercise mats are soft to touch which means that they are enjoyable to exercise. Our fitness mats are also all really lightweight and have straps that allow for easy carrying between the car and your class. We stock a range of thicknesses from 8mm to 3mm mats. The thicker the mat the more comfort they will give you when you do your floor exercise. Make sure you get your yoga mats from Kitbag, and check out our fantastic range now.
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