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Women's Fitness Long Sleeve Tops

Great for the colder months, these long sleeve gym tops are great as an extra layer over your tank, ideal for yoga, or to keep you warm whilst you run!
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When it is winter and you are wrapping up for winter you would never reach for a t-shirt, and in the same way, when its winter and you are working out, you need to reach for long sleeved fitness tops rather than a short sleeved tees. Although this may seem a simple concept, so many people would not ever think to purchase long sleeve fitness t-shirts, and would think to simply wear a non fitness top or jumper. The benefits you get from a long sleeve top for fitness are above and beyond those from wearing a normal top to run in. These benefits include, moisture management, which means that sweat is wicked away from your skin and through your layers to the outside of your clothing, and then evaporates. Moving sweat away from the skin in this manner is essential as it keeps you cool or warm (depending on the temperature) and also keeps you dry, which in turn also helps to keep you warm. Other benefits of long sleeve fitness tops include the visibility as they are designed with the winter months in mind, which means that tops have reflective detailing or are in a Hi-Vis colour such as white or bright yellow. Long sleeve fitness t-shirts also are designed with forward motion in mind, meaning that the inseams are designed to reduce chafing, the top is designed to be streamline and aerodynamic, and the tops are cut in linear motions, which recognises that nothing should be working against the wind to decrease movement. Kitbag have a fantastic range of Long sleeve tops for fitness, and stock all the big named brands such as Adidas, Asics, Nike and Puma. We have a range of colours and styles, so make sure you shop online with us today.
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