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adidas F50

Get closer to the ball with the adidas F50. It’s the snuggest-fitting boot from adidas – built to make nimble feet even more nimble. There’s an elite selection of adidas F50s at Fanatics, all handpicked by our product scouts. So, you can guarantee to find a quality pair on this page.

Click the boots you like, add to basket and punch in some details - within a few days, your pristine F50s will arrive at your door. Easy. Break in the Goleo calf leather as it moulds around your foot’s natural shape. Grip the pitch with the TRAXION 2.0 FG studs and put some torque into your sprint. And move at high-speed with more agility thanks to the boot’s advanced SPRINTWEB technology. Slip into the featherweight adidas F50. And slip past your marker with ease. Order your pair today.

adidas F50 – The Story It’s 2003, just half a season away from Euro 2004, and the boffins behind adidas are putting the final touches on a revolutionary football boot, rumoured to outperform or at least match the fastest shoe in the game (Nike’s Mercurial). The adidas F50 is born. And debuted by a certain Cristiano Ronaldo in the Euro 2004 tournament. Ronaldo went on to score two goals in the competition and set up another couple for his teammates. His explosive pace, even way back then, married up with the original F50 perfectly. One year on, and the boot was upgraded. The F50+ visually represented the TPU cage with its famous ‘spiderman’ upper. It was a radical design shift and one that would set a precedent for years to come – as the F50 underwent an incredible evolutionary journey. In 2006, the +F50.6 TUNiT was rolled out just in time for the World Cup. The TUNiT technology was the first of its kind in adidas footwear – allowing the player to customise their boots for different playing surfaces. The studs, chassis and upper were all customisable. It was a revolutionary creation and one that would see the F50 accelerate into one of the main product lines for adidas. From that point on, an upgraded F50 hit the shelves every year – each with a whole new feature to explore and enjoy on the pitch. The most significant change came in 2010, again just in time for the World Cup, when adidas released the F50 adiZero. The synthetic boot weighed in at just 165 grams and its leather counterpart just 175. The TUNiT system was dropped and the F50s chapter of pure speed had truly begun. Just a year later and the adidas F50 would become the first football boot in history to have a ‘brain’. The adidas F50 adiZero mi-Coach came with an optional match analysis computer chip, which fed back information to the player about their performance. Your sprint count, max speed, total distance and more, could all be recorded from this chip. The upgraded version came in 2012, when adidas also introduced SPRINTSKIN technology, designed to improve your contact on the ball while keeping your feet in total comfort. The F50 adiZero mi-Coach II also featured a SPRINTWEB upper that further reduced the weight of the boot and further improved its durability – all while keeping the interior highly breathable. With the inclusion of the SPRINTFRAME, the adiZero trinity of ground-breaking features was complete. The SPRINTFRAME is a stability-enhancing chassis that helps keep the foot tight to the ground and streamlined during a sprint. By this point, the F50 range had reached world class status. And what a better endorsement than to have the greatest footballer in the world wearing his own versions of the boot? Lionel Messi still wears adidas F50s today and is the only ever player to claim the title of Champions League Top Scorer four years in a row. Follow in the footsteps of the best player on the planet and get your feet into your own pair of adidas F50s. You can order yours from Fanatics right now.
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