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The Science behind the adidas Predator football boot. Today’s adidas Predator is the youngest, strongest and most advanced generation, of a beast that was born in 1994. When you step into the Predator, you step into a scientifically-enhanced football boot. It’s a powerful and hungry creation that wants to be unleashed into your game. Wear this animal and you’ll never look at football boots in the same way again. adidas Predator Lethal Zones The ‘Lethal Zones’ have tamed the Predator - in the best way possible. The boot has always been renowned for its rubberised upper and how it influences ball-contact. But a significant mutation occurred in 2012, when that rubber was segmented into five different Lethal Zones – making the deadliest boot on the planet, even more deadly. To determine these Lethal Zones, adidas handed plain white boots to several professional players (Van Persie, Xavi, Casillas), along with a marker pen. The idea? For each player to outline the areas of the boot which they use to make contact with the ball – and why. This way, adidas could determine the sections to reinforce with Predator technology. Today, you’re looking at the latest generation in Lethal Zone technology. And it’s frightening. #1 First Touch We hear it all the time - your first touch is everything. But it’s true. You don’t want to even think about your first touch. You want to think about your next move. This Lethal Zone on the Predator LZ TRX clinches the ball on the upper toe area, so you can keep your first touch instinctual. #2 Dribble Dribblers predominantly kiss the ball with the outside tip of their boot, as they slalom between defenders. So, adidas have installed a short touch pad in this area – designed to help keep the ball under your spell and unleash it at pace when required. #3 Drive It could be said that Drive has always been a ‘zone’ on the Predator, located in and around the laces area. Its purpose is synonymous with the original 1994 boot – to give you more control and power in long passes and shots, even in wet weather. #4 Sweet Spot When curving the ball at high-speed, the test-subject players always used the inside of their big toe - adidas have identified the area exactly and installed a pad to help you hit that Sweet Spot every time. #5 Pass A large contact surface on your instep has been armed with a ribbed cushion, giving you delicate control in every side-footed pass.
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