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Roll Finger Goalkeeper Gloves

The Roll Finger Goalkeeper Glove has its palm attached directly to the backhand with latex rolled around the fingers giving a snugger fit
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Football is a team effort, but when the final whistle blows the performance of one man can determine the outcome of the match. Goalkeepers must put themselves in the line of fire for 90 minutes, to save the hardest shots and blast the ball upfield to the strikers waiting in the wings. At Kitbag.com we recognise the talent and precision that good goalkeeping requires, and so we offer the very best in goalkeeper gloves. We’ve got a vast selection of goalie gloves for you to choose from, including Finger Protection styles from top manufacturers such as Adidas, Nike, Reusch, Uhlsport, Puma and more. Various styles of cut are available at Kitbag including Roll Finger. The Roll Finger goalkeeper glove has its palm attached directly to the backhand with latex rolled or wrapped fingers. With a snugger fit than flat palm cut gloves the Roll Finger also provides a greater ball contact area. Performance at the top levels requires an abundance of skill and talent, but it also requires the right kit for the job. All of our goalkeeping gloves are designed to cope with the rigours of defending the goal against even the most powerful shots, and are fine examples of how human engineering and raw talent can combine into one unbeatable force. Here you’ll find England goalkeeper gloves from Nike adorned with the Three Lions emblem. With an adjustable fit and superior latex palm, these goalie gloves are designed for the maximum in comfort, precision and performance. We’ve also got the latest and greatest from Nike- the Tiempo Premier SGT goalkeeping gloves, which feature sophisticated bio-align technology to help keep your grip when you most need it. At Kitbag.com we love football, and believe it has to be played to experience it at its fullest. We bring together the very best football merchandise, equipment and training accessories to help you get the most out of your game. The rest is up to you. Our online purchasing facility is 100% secure, and gives you the freedom of shopping for goalie gloves or anything else you might require, wherever and whenever you want. Kitbag.com - providing you with the kit to get the job done.
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