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Goalkeeper Gloves

You’re a rare and radical breed of footballer - hell-bent on preventing goals. Get your hands into Fanatics’s best goalkeeper gloves to match your style, put your heightened grip into every save and keep your net beautifully still for the entire game.

What to look for in a goalie glove You’re forever on the wire as a keeper; a fumble into the six-yard box can be all it takes to lose, and a palm around the post can be all it takes to win. No other player on the pitch goes through such a knife-edge experience.

Get your gloves right, and you instantly minimise the risk of spilling the ball. Goalkeeper Glove Cut You have a selection of three ‘cuts’ to choose from here. Picking out the right pair is easy, if you know your own game inside-out. If you want an undisturbed contact with the ball, opt for the traditional flat-palm glove. This is stitched in such a way that the finger and palm area are smooth – meaning the ball connects with a flat surface, with little risk of bobbling from your grip. For a snug-fit and greater control when launching the ball up-field, grab yourself a pair of roll-finger-cut goalkeeper gloves. The glove is very similar to the flat-palm, only the index finger is wrapped separately – tightening the fit and adding a greater sense of touch through that main finger. Goalies who want total control over their hand movements and an even more secure fit, can slip into a pair of negative cut gloves. The seam is on the interior of these gloves, pulling the latex closer to your hand and fingers for a more natural feel. Finger Protection If you’re playing in a competitive 11-a-side game, diving at the feet of attackers and fighting the ball back into your team’s possession, then you’re going to need some armour. Equally, if you want to tip away the most ferocious of shots, then ‘finger spine’ technology can protect you from injury Gloves fitted with finger protection are crucial for all-round commanders of the 12-yard box. Some goalie gloves allow you to remove the spines – so if you’re playing a team that prefer to pass the ball into the net, you can adapt your gloves to be more lightweight and flexible. Technology Beyond the cut and finger-protection options, you need to consider the tech on each glove. Nike Vapors are renowned for keeping your hands comfortable with mesh ventilation, adidas Predators are famed for their all-weather grip and the Puma Powercat gloves are popularised for their secure wrist strap system. Every brand of goalkeeper glove you’ll find at Fanatics looks to use a variety of technological features to make the most comfortable and performance-enhancing gloves possible. After all – these manufacturers are in competition with each other! Buy Goalkeeper Gloves from Fanatics The first goalie gloves were used to keep hands warm and offer more grip in wet weather. Though first patented in the 1800s, they didn’t come into regular use until the mid-20th century. Today, each glove is scientifically developed to enhance a range of different keeping-styles. Time to act. Whether you’re springing for a negative-cut Nike or a flat-palmed classic from Puma, you’re just minutes away from ordering your pair of pro-quality gloves. Click the gloves you want, pick your size, add them to your basket and get through the rapid checkout stage. You’re done. Just wait for your new goalie gloves to arrive at your door.
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