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England 1998 World Cup Finals Shirt
: WAS: $48.00NOW: $36.00SAVE: $12.00
England Supporters Football Red
: WAS: $23.98NOW: $13.00SAVE: $10.98
England Authentic Varsity Jacket Red
: WAS: $134.98NOW: $72.00SAVE: $62.98
England Drill Top - Kids Red
: WAS: $59.98NOW: $48.00SAVE: $11.98
England Strike Pants - Kids Navy
: WAS: $59.98NOW: $42.00SAVE: $17.98
England Authentic Sideline T-Shirt Red
: WAS: $48.00NOW: $44.98SAVE: $3.02
England Swoosh T-Shirt Black
: WAS: $26.98NOW: $15.00SAVE: $11.98
England Authentic Revolution Knit Track Jacket Red
: WAS: $149.98NOW: $80.00SAVE: $69.98
England Crest Squad T-Shirt Navy
: WAS: $26.98NOW: $22.00SAVE: $4.98
England Crest Squad T-Shirt White
: WAS: $26.98NOW: $22.00SAVE: $4.98
England Core Cap White
: WAS: $21.99NOW: $12.00SAVE: $9.99
England Core Matchup Polo Red
: WAS: $44.98NOW: $36.00SAVE: $8.98
England Core Trainer Jacket - Kids Red
: WAS: $59.98NOW: $32.00SAVE: $27.98
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Football Kits
The football shirt you wear on match-day, on your day off or on the five-a-side pitch – it’s more than just a shirt. It’s part of your footballing identity. We have club and international football kits here. Find yours and place an order today. What is your favourite goal in history? We all have one (or at least a shortlist of three). When you replay those unforgettable moments in your mind’s eye, you remember every detail. You remember the bulging of the net. You remember the uproar of the crowd. You remember who you hugged in celebration. You remember the goal-scorer – and the kit he was wearing. You even remember the kit that you were wearing. So, when you buy your new football kit, you’re indirectly investing into your own future memories of the game. Some of us believe that if we don’t buy the new kit, that it will somehow curse the team’s season. No matter what happens this year, the kit you buy today will take its place in your long-term footballing brain. Be it negative or positive, this uniform is part of your team’s story. And if you wear your football kits for five-a-side, then you’re getting much more than warm memories for your money. Use the filters on the left of this page to find your kit.

The Evolution of Football Kits Records have it that the world’s first football kits were made from adapted cricket clothes in the mid-1800s – as cricketers formed teams so they could still play sport during colder months. By the early 20th century, teams would wear more suitable clothing for the sport, though the materials (mainly cotton) were still considerably heavier than kits we see today – particularly when it rained! Experiments in design started the 1930s, when accents on the shorts and new collar types were first introduced. More lightweight shorts were used following the ‘50s, when British kits were inspired by those on the continent. Then nylon socks replaced heavy woollen ‘stockings’ and the evolution of performance- enhancing football kits had begun. By 1980, sportswear brands like adidas had started to manufacture the first polyester football kits. This material allowed for more complex colour schemes and designs – leading to the first replica kits to be widely adopted by fans. These kits were no longer rags in which to get muddy – they looked great on the pitch and on the terraces, as supporters wore them with ‘normal’ clothes. As the millennium drew nearer, adidas and its rivals began to use implement subtle design tweaks, which would help players perform to their best – and comfortably. Some even went as far to develop their own materials and new technologies began to emerge: reversed seams for snug-fit, sweat-prevention fabric, mesh ventilation panels and more. Today, the football kits you’ll find through this page are all made from these technologies – only now they’re much more advanced.

Buy Football Kits from Fanatics Your football kit will keep you dry, cool and comfortable on the ball. When worn casually, the modern designs look smart and are often based on the fashion of their associated city/country. It really is more than just a kit. To get yours, find the strip you want, click the image, state your size (custom squad names & numbers available) and add the item to your basket. From there, just use our secure checkout system to register your order and we’ll have the kit delivered to you.
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