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  • SIGN UP AND SAVE 10%For all the latest new, offers & products offers a great range of running accessories for you to use to both improve your performance and enhance your experience whilst you run. With great running equipment such as backpacks, hats, gloves, socks, sweatbands, injury products and running trackers, we really offer everything you need to improve your run. Our number one running accessories are backpacks. Backpacks are perfect for running long distances, where you need to carry your water, music player, jacket and other items. We have a selection of backpacks for men and women in all sizes. The running equipment that you carry on long journeys should always include some injury care. We stock lots of different types of injury care including Knee supports, ankle supports and back supports. These are crucial if you are prone to injury. However, if you are constantly getting injured, you might want to reassess the trainers you run in and also how much you are over exerting your muscles. Without music, running can be extremely boring, and with this in mind, we like to stock Running Arm wallets for you to carry your music player in. This running accessory is perfect for music lovers who like to listen to the best tunes whilst you run. We also stock water bottles, which are a great to keep your water intake up whilst you run. Certain water bottles can give you your water in measured amounts as well, so that you don’t over hydrate, which can make you feel ill if you run with too much water in your stomach. As the winter draws in, hats and gloves are great to minimise heat loss. We stock lightweight gloves that will keep your hands at the right temperature, and let sweat escape without allowing heat too. Our hats are made from special fabric which keeps the heat in, but let’s your head sweat. Running accessories are just that, they are not completely crucial to your run, but what they do is make sure that your run is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.’s running equipment selection reflects that and therefore is extremely extensive and caters for all running abilities.
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