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  • SIGN UP AND SAVE 10%For all the latest new, offers & products offers one of the largest selections of running base layers on the market. Running baselayers are used as a foundation on which the rest of your clothing sits. Giving you effective warmth and also providing the layering system you need to ensure you receive the warmth from the friction between the tops. Running baselayer also help you regulate body temperature so you are never to hot or too cool. They do this by making sure the sweat that you create whilst you exercise is moved (or wicked) from your skin to the edge of your clothing, so that it can be easily evaporated. Sweat is your bodies reaction to keep you cool, and baselayers help to facilitate this when you are wearing a lot of layers. Running base layers also compress your muscles. Muscle compression helps you in the following ways; they help pump blood around your body, which assists in the removal of lactic acid, and running baselayers also reduce the chance of muscle strain or fatigue due to muscles being at the right temperature during work outs. Their third benefit is the reduction in recovery periods if you are wearing compression base layers, as they continue to exert their effects on the targeted muscles whilst the muscles cool down. Kitbag stock a variety of base layers, some being ‘Cool’ baselayers, and others being ‘Warm’ baselayers. The difference between these two types of running base layers, is that the Warm baselayers help during winter to keep you warm whilst you run and exercise, and the cool baselayers help to keep you cool during exercise. They increase the amount of sweat released and also give you lots of ventilation in key heat areas. Other types of base layers that Kitbag stock are Recovery or Active base layers. These are quite self explanatory, as they give your muscles support either whilst you are actively doing exercise, or when you have finished and your muscles are in recovery.
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