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Nike Dri-FIT Miler Top Blue
Price: Price: $37.00
Nike Dri-Fit Contour Top Red
Price: Price: $48.00
Nike Dri-Fit Miler Top Red
Price: Price: $37.00
Nike Polyfill Vest Red
Price: Price: $104.00
Nike 7 Inch Distance Shorts
Price: Price: $48.00
Nike Vapor Jacket Black
: WAS: $128.00NOW: $64.00SAVE: $64.00
Nike Shield Full-Zip Jacket Blue
: WAS: $128.00NOW: $64.00SAVE: $64.00
Nike Dri-Fit Contour T-Shirt - Long Sleeve Blue
: WAS: $53.00NOW: $27.00SAVE: $26.00
Nike 7" Distance Shorts Shorts Black
: WAS: $48.00NOW: $29.00SAVE: $19.00
Nike 7" Distance Shorts Shorts Blue
: WAS: $48.00NOW: $20.00SAVE: $28.00
Nike Run P Flash T-Shirt Black
: WAS: $48.00NOW: $24.00SAVE: $24.00
Nike Dri-Fit Contour T-Shirt Black
: WAS: $48.00NOW: $24.00SAVE: $24.00
Nike Dri-Fit Contour T-Shirt Blue
: WAS: $48.00NOW: $20.00SAVE: $28.00
Nike Polyfill Vests Black
: WAS: $104.00NOW: $52.00SAVE: $52.00
Nike Strike Woven Shorts Black
: WAS: $80.00NOW: $30.00SAVE: $50.00
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Under Armour Coldgear Mock Baselayer Top - Long Sleeve Black
: WAS: $64.00NOW: $23.00SAVE: $41.00
Nike Dri-Fit Element Top Dk Grey
: WAS: $80.00NOW: $41.00SAVE: $39.00
Nike Dri-Fit Contour T-Shirt Royal Blue
: WAS: $48.00NOW: $24.00SAVE: $24.00
Nike Dri-Fit Miler Vest Royal Blue
: WAS: $32.00NOW: $20.00SAVE: $12.00
Kitbag.com offer a great range of running clothing for you to wear to both improve your performance and enhance your self esteem to improve your run. With options such as sports bra’s, tanks, t-shirts, Capri pants, hoodies, tights, jackets and much more we have all the running clothes to help improve your running style and performance. Now, you might be thinking, well what do I need to start? Here is the Kitbag guide to the perfect running clothing selection. Women, you need a sports bra. There we said it. Its hugely important, the most important piece of running clothing that you will purchase. Sports bras reduce the amount of movement that your breasts can do, and in doing so they prevent sagging and injury. If you have smaller breasts then a low support bra is fine, but we recommend at least a medium support bra for all exercises with more exertion than walking. Men and women both should be looking to get a running top. All the top brands include moisture management in their running clothes, so the tops will wick sweat away from your skin, and let it evaporate. During winter a long sleeve top will keep you warm, and during the summer a t-shirt or vest will give you the air circulation to keep you cool. Bottoms are subjective. Do you prefer shorts or tights, Capri’s or looser pants? For real aerodynamic running, tights and Capri pants are ideal to remove friction whilst you run and improve your performance. Any other running clothes you buy will only go to accessorise those core items. Jackets and hoodies are great for the warm up and cool down section of your run and can really finish an outfit off. Make sure you get your running clothing from Kitbag.com today; we are supplied by the best to bring you the best.
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