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So the big day is looming, and it’’s time to look for what to wear for a marathon run. The key to this is, in a word, Comfort. You want a really good pair of either stability or neutral running shoes (depending on your foot type – click here to read our marathon running shoes guide), and you need to make sure they have been broken in for at least a 75 miles of running before you do the marathon. This is to prevent blisters that can arise with any new shoes and also so your feet mould the shoes. Asics marathon running shoes are absolutely perfect for marathon running, as they have incredible technologies to help cushion your foot and give you the push forward you need.
Next you need some marathon clothing, soft and sweat wicking, the clothes will help move sweat from your body to the outside of the clothes so it can evaporate, and also stop chafing between your legs and under your arms. Look at our selection of running tights and tops, along with a lightweight jacket and maybe a long sleeve top depending on the time of year. Your marathon clothing will make sure you look and feel the part on the day, but don’t wear it for the first time on race day. Wear it in like you would your shoes, and make sure you are as comfortable as you can be.
Socks are also extremely important part of your ‘‘What to wear for a Marathon’’ Kit! Cotton socks will keep all the sweat within your trainer and this can cause blisters. Our dri-fit technology socks compress the foot for a supportive fit and also wick sweat from the foot to the outside. This is helped if you have well ventilated shoes.
Finally, be prepared. Make sure you have a water bottle filled with sports drink to replenish your salt levels from sweating too much. Plus take a knee and ankle support should you feel any twinges during the 26.2 miles. Finally, why not treat yourself to a Nike + product so you can track your distance and also look back on how fast you did each mile!
Finally, enjoy the run and the atmosphere, and we hope you raise lots of money for your charity!
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