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All Blacks Home Shirt Black
Price: Price: $104.00
Scotland Rugby Home Shirt 2013/15
: WAS: $96.00NOW: $80.00SAVE: $16.00
Leicester Tigers Christmas Card
: WAS: $4.00NOW: $1.00SAVE: $3.00
Toulouse Rugby Away Shirt 2012/13
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France FFR Home Shirt 2015
Price: Price: $104.00
Leicester Tigers Home Pro Jersey 2014/15
: WAS: $88.00NOW: $56.00SAVE: $32.00
Italy Rugby Union Home Shirt 2014/15 Blue
: WAS: $102.00NOW: $64.00SAVE: $38.00
England Home Classic Short Sleeve Rugby Shirt 2014/15 - Kids White
Ticket Competition
: WAS: $64.00NOW: $48.00SAVE: $16.00
Stade Francais Polo
: WAS: $56.00NOW: $24.00SAVE: $32.00
Worcester Warriors Home Supporters Shirt 2012/13
: WAS: $96.00NOW: $31.00SAVE: $65.00
England Anthem Track Jacket - Navy / Flag Red
: WAS: $88.00NOW: $64.00SAVE: $24.00
England Cargo Shorts
: WAS: $56.00NOW: $48.00SAVE: $8.00
England Uglies Tonal Stadium Pants
: WAS: $56.00NOW: $40.00SAVE: $16.00
England Uglies Stadium Pants
: WAS: $68.00NOW: $56.00SAVE: $12.00
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England Cargo Shorts
: WAS: $56.00NOW: $48.00SAVE: $8.00
England Gilet - Womens
: WAS: $80.00NOW: $64.00SAVE: $16.00
When somebody asks you about your favourite moment in rugby, what is the first thing you think of? Its a strange thing. Somehow, not only do you recall the action itself but also the emotions you went through and every other microscopic detail of the moment. Or is it every microscopic detail of that moment? The weather. The noise from the crowd. The look on your friend or family member’s face. The date. The team. The kit they wore that year. The kit you wore that year. Everything. When you’re buying a new rugby shirt, you’re buying your uniform to be worn during another year of these memorable rugby moments. Your rugby shirt will be part of your journey, following the team you love as new stories are made throughout the year. The eternal stories of your team. And in years to come, you’ll look back on it as part of those stories. The world will look back on it as part of those stories. Your shirt is the same as your captain’s – it ties you into the plot. And beyond the emotional pull of your rugby shirt, you’re guaranteed to get a quality top today. One that provides plenty of strength, practicality and washability, thanks to the new technologies used by leading manufacturers (we only deal with the best). New rugby shirts are designed for optimum performance and comfort. Use our filtering options on the left of this page to find yours.

The Evolution of Rugby Shirts
Like most sports in the 1800s, rugby had no real rules on clothing. Well, records indicate that early games were played in all-white shirts and trousers. The need for distinguishable kits came as the game evolved into a more serious sport – with actual rules on things like team size (previously, teams could be of any size and didn’t have to be even numbers). Cotton shirts were used as they were durable and easily maintained. Only much later in the 20th century would come a need for more breathable materials. In terms of appearance, most rugby shirts adopted hooped designs, which apparently made players out to seem larger on the pitch. It was the opposite mentality to that of footy kit designers – who preferred vertical stripes for an improved look of athleticism. Towards the end of the 20th century, rugby had progressed into such a massively competitive sport, that teams looked to get the edge on opponents in any way possible – which provided an opportunity for sportswear manufacturers like adidas to step in. Polyester materials were used and shirts became lighter, more fitted and more scientifically advanced. A move away from traditional collars had begun – as some saw the collars as just another unnecessary thing for the opponent to grab onto. Manufacturers have now started to produce and use their own fabrics – such as adidas ClimaCool. The majority of these patented materials are similar in terms of what they do i.e. lifting sweat away from the player’s skin. Today, the rugby shirts kits you’ll find at Kitbag are all made to the highest standard. With the traditional elements still present in the appearance of a shirt, combined with modern day technologies – new rugby shirts offer the best of all generations. Designed for those who make new stories on the pitch. Worn by those who know exactly what those stories mean.

Buy Rugby Shirts from Kitbag
You can’t go wrong here. Your rugby shirt will be perfect for playing in casually or simply wearing to a game. And although these shirts are made to optimise a player’s performance – they still look smart when worn with jeans (or whatever), just like the classics. You’re getting more than just your team’s colours for your money. You’re getting the cutting-edge in sportswear. All you need to do is pick out your shirt from this page, click on the picture of it, then choose your size and add it to basket. Remember – you can add custom names and numbers to rugby shirts with Kitbag (do it at the size-choosing stage). Once you’ve got the shirt in your basket, you just need to hit the checkout and give us some quick details. We’ll then ship the order to your door
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