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Brazil Home Shirt 2013/14 Yellow
: WAS: $96.00NOW: $82.00SAVE: $14.00
Brazil Home Kit 2013/14 - Little Boys Yellow
: WAS: $64.00NOW: $60.00SAVE: $4.00
Brazil Third Shorts 2014 Black
: WAS: $40.00NOW: $37.00SAVE: $3.00
Brazil Home Shirt 2013/14 - Kids Yellow
: WAS: $68.00NOW: $55.00SAVE: $13.00
Brazil Home/Away Shorts 2013/14 - Kids Blue
: WAS: $31.00NOW: $28.00SAVE: $3.00
Brazil Home/Away Socks 2013/14 White
: WAS: $20.00NOW: $18.00SAVE: $2.00
Brazil Home/Away Shorts 2013/14 Blue
: WAS: $40.00NOW: $37.00SAVE: $3.00
Nike Air Max 90 No Sew Grey
Price: Price: $184.00
Brazil Authentic N98 Track Jacket Yellow
: WAS: $96.00NOW: $90.00SAVE: $6.00
Brazil Squad Long Sleeve Midlayer Top Yellow
: WAS: $80.00NOW: $75.00SAVE: $5.00
Brazil Home Kit 2013/14 - Infants Yellow
: WAS: $56.00NOW: $52.00SAVE: $4.00
Brazil Match Third Shirt 2014 Black
: WAS: $144.00NOW: $135.00SAVE: $9.00
Brazil Select Sideline Woven Jacket Dk Blue
: WAS: $120.00NOW: $112.00SAVE: $8.00
Brazil Third Shorts 2014 - Kids Black
: WAS: $31.00NOW: $28.00SAVE: $3.00
Brazil Third Sock 2014 Black
: WAS: $20.00NOW: $18.00SAVE: $2.00
Brazil Authentic Polo Green
: WAS: $64.00NOW: $60.00SAVE: $4.00
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When the World Cup comes around no team commands the attention of the football world like Brazil. The South American’s specialise in a seductive brand of football that somehow marries the flowing, aesthetically pleasing samba style we all relish with an incomparably successful World Cup record. Brazil has proven time and again that style and substance aren’t incompatible. Over the years the World Cup has provided Brazil with the perfect global stage from which to show off their footballing superiority. It’s an opportunity they rarely waste - Brazil are the only team to have appeared in every World Cup since its inception in 1930 (when their World Cup shirts were white rather than the now famous yellow and blue) and have won the biggest prize in Football a record five times. Brazil’s ‘golden age’ is generally considered to have been between 1958 and 1970 during which period they won the World Cup three times and graced the competition with a remarkable array of stars including Didi, Garrincha, Jairzinho, Rivelino, Carlos Alberto and, of course, Pele. Brazil's squad travel the World with a typically glittering squad that can call on Kaka’s elegant deftness of touch and Robinho’s often bewildering trickery as well as the razor sharp goal scoring instincts of Luis Fabiano. Brazil’s home colours are perhaps the most iconic in football, instantly conjuring memories of countless unforgettable World Cup moments. Their current kit by Nike doesn’t overcomplicate the classic yellow shirts and blue shorts with unnecessary adornments, to do so would border on sacrilegious. This year Brazil shirts are accompanied by stylish training range and a host of retro fashion items including the classic 1986 World Cup shirt worn by the likes of Socrates and Zico.
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