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Chelsea Home Shirt 2013/14
: WAS: $72.00NOW: $24.00SAVE: $48.00
Barcelona Third Shirt 2013/14
: WAS: $39.00NOW: $23.10SAVE: $15.90
Chelsea Away Shirt 2013/14
: WAS: $72.00NOW: $24.00SAVE: $48.00
Manchester United Home Shirt 2013/14
: WAS: $80.00NOW: $29.00SAVE: $51.00
Portland Timbers Home Shirt 2013/14 Green
: WAS: $84.99NOW: $71.00SAVE: $13.99
Celtic Away Shirt 2013/14 - L/S- Unsponsored
: WAS: $88.00NOW: $24.00SAVE: $64.00
Australia Home Shirt 2014 Gold
: WAS: $82.00NOW: $56.00SAVE: $26.00
Barcelona Home Shirt 2013/14
: WAS: $40.00NOW: $26.25SAVE: $13.75
Manchester United Home Shorts 2013/14 - Kids
: WAS: $31.00NOW: $8.00SAVE: $23.00
Sporting Kansas City Home Shirt 2014 Lt Blue
: WAS: $84.99NOW: $71.00SAVE: $13.99
Philadelphia Union Away Shirt 2013/14 Blue
: WAS: $84.99NOW: $71.00SAVE: $13.99
San Jose Earthquakes Climalite Polo Blue
: WAS: $63.98NOW: $52.00SAVE: $11.98
Manchester United Away Shirt 2013/14 - Kids
: WAS: $56.00NOW: $20.00SAVE: $36.00
Germany Home Shorts 2014
: WAS: $48.00NOW: $20.00SAVE: $28.00
Barcelona Home Shirt 2013/14 - Long Sleeved
: WAS: $40.00NOW: $26.25SAVE: $13.75
LA Galaxy Away Shirt 2013/14 Navy
: WAS: $84.99NOW: $71.00SAVE: $13.99
Australia Away Shirt 2014 Navy
: WAS: $96.00NOW: $77.00SAVE: $19.00
Real Madrid Third Shirt 2012/13 - Kids
: WAS: $30.00NOW: $23.00SAVE: $7.00
Barcelona Third Shirt 2013/14 - Womens
: WAS: $72.00NOW: $23.00SAVE: $49.00
FC Dallas Away Shirt 2013/14 Blue
: WAS: $84.99NOW: $71.00SAVE: $13.99
Tottenham Hotspur Home Goalkeeper Shorts 2013/14
: WAS: $42.00NOW: $12.00SAVE: $30.00
Liverpool Away Shirt 2013/14 - Long Sleeve
: WAS: $80.00NOW: $37.00SAVE: $43.00
Belgium Home Shirt 2014 Red Red
: WAS: $88.00NOW: $58.00SAVE: $30.00
Spain Home Short 2014 - Kids
: WAS: $44.00NOW: $13.00SAVE: $31.00
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Footy strips never used to be so scientific but as brands like adidas and Nike began to use ‘moisture-wicking’ technology in its shirts, the competition had to keep up. As a result, the merchandise from the last decade has offered much greater value for money than the replicas produced back in the day. So, last season’s football kits are even greater value when you look at them purely from a practical perspective. For sports days, PE or even just casual wear – these discount kits are perfect for kids of all ages. And for grownups? They’re particularly ideal for using on a five-a-side pitch. Buy Discount Football Kits from Kitbag Some of our customers buy a bulk load for their entire team to wear instead of relying on ‘that guy’ to turn up with the bibs. Then we have our collectors, who see the long term value in some of these cheap kits and make an investment while the price is good. Last season’s kit is already part of your club’s history – and now you can get a piece of that for yourself at a discounted rate. And don’t forget the training-wear from last year that never really goes out of date. We have discounted footy kits from Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd and loads of European teams. The kits are all high-quality predecessors of what you see the players wearing today.

The great thing for us, is that when the team’s roll out a new generation of kits – we get the green light to slash the prices of last season’s, so you get even better value for your money.

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