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Gym trainers have very different features compared to running footwear. Gym trainers aim to provide the support for all round traction rather than the simple linear motion of running. This is necessary for lateral movement during workouts and fitness classes.
Gym footwear tends to have a breathable upper material and a secure lacing system to keep your foot stable and to help give support to your ankles. They offer more forefront flexibility to increase stability whilst still allowing for agility.

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Adidas Adipure Trainer 360 - Womens
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Adidas Sumbrah 2 Trainer - Womens
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Adidas Arianna II Trainer - Womens
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Nike Free TR FIT 4 Trainer Womens Lt Grey
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Nike Lunarhyperworkout Xt+ - Grey/Metallic Silver-Electric Yellow - Womens
Nike + Compatible
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Nike Lunarbase Trainers - White/Mtllc Slvr-Brght Pch-Brg - Womens
Nike + Compatible
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Adidas CC X Trainer - Womens
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Nike Lunarhyperworkout - Black/Silver/Blue - Womens
Nike + Ready
: WAS: $152.00NOW: $105.00SAVE: $47.00
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Women’s fitness trainers are a lot different to running shoes. Most people would usually use running trainers for all the sports that they do, but cross trainers are actually completely different. Cross Trainers give the wearer some cushioning, but not as much as running trainers do, as this is not their purpose, there purpose is to give your foot the freedom to move sideways and responsively which is what you need in fitness classes such as dance or circuits. Motion is the key to these gym shoes, and making sure you a light on your feet, but in control of your movement is their main responsibility. Running shoes are much lighter than women’s fitness trainers, as cross trainers need the weight to give you durability, and also provide extra control when you are making the sideways movements. On gym shoes the sole of the trainer is wider and gives you stability to support you whilst you exercise in the gym. Our fitness trainers are designed with mesh material to keep the shoes as lightweight as possible, and also to give the foot a consistent airflow. They are also designed to make sure they have inseams to prevent irritation on the foot and reduce chafing. Shop online at kitbag and get your pair of cross trainers today.
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