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Sports Bra Support Type
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Nike Pro Printed Bra Womens Black
: WAS: $42.00NOW: $39.00SAVE: $3.00
Shock Absorber Active Classic Support Bra - White
: WAS: $44.00NOW: $22.00SAVE: $22.00
Shock Absorber Multi Sports Support Bra - White
: WAS: $40.00NOW: $27.00SAVE: $13.00
Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra - Black
: WAS: $60.00NOW: $39.00SAVE: $21.00
Nike Pro Hypercool Bra - Rave Pink/- Womens
: WAS: $45.00NOW: $30.00SAVE: $15.00
Nike Pro Limitless Bra - Black/Volt - Womens
: WAS: $45.00NOW: $33.00SAVE: $12.00
Shock Absorber Active Sports Padded Bra - Black
: WAS: $47.00NOW: $30.00SAVE: $17.00
Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra - White
: WAS: $60.00NOW: $39.00SAVE: $21.00
Nike Adjust U-Bra - Black/Black/Cool Grey - Womens
: WAS: $32.00NOW: $22.00SAVE: $10.00
Nike Pro Limitless Bra - Blue Glow/Volt - Womens
: WAS: $45.00NOW: $22.00SAVE: $23.00
Shock Absorber Multi Sports Support Bra - Black
: WAS: $40.00NOW: $27.00SAVE: $13.00
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Fitness Sports bras are the most important piece of clothing in your kitbag. This small item of clothing is absolutely essential to making sure that your most prized assets do not move around too much. Movement is the enemy to breasts as it can cause sagging and injury to your tendons. With a proper fitness bras, you make sure that you are supported whilst you workout. Research tells us that over 40% of women shockingly do not use workout sports bras for fitness training. Breast movement whilst exercising causes sore and tender breasts after exercising, and can distract you and affect your confidence. Another reason to make sure you get a sports bra is that there are no muscles in breasts, only Cooper’s ligaments breast tissue. Any excessive amount of breast movement puts strain on these ligaments causing irreversible damage. Also without workout sports bras, your breasts can move up to 14cm, and even amongst the smaller breasts, movement was at least 4cm, this movement can be reduced up to 75% when you where a sports bra. Kitbag has a fantastic range of fitness bras, from leading brands such as Shock Absorber, Nike and Adidas. With a wide range of sports bras for fitness in a variety of colours, you will not be disappointed with our vast selection. Shop online today.
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