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New Balance 470 Trainers - Black/Yellow
: WAS: $72.00NOW: $32.00SAVE: $40.00
New Balance 780V2 Trainers - Blue/Orange
: WAS: $103.00NOW: $64.00SAVE: $39.00
Puma Faas 500 Trainers - White/Ribbon Red/Limoges
: WAS: $64.00NOW: $39.00SAVE: $25.00
New Balance M580 Neutral Trainers - Silver/Red
: WAS: $79.00NOW: $39.00SAVE: $40.00
New Balance M660 Stability Trainers - Blue/Silver
: WAS: $167.00NOW: $52.00SAVE: $115.00
Adidas Adizero Boston 3 Trainers - White/Black
: WAS: $103.00NOW: $58.00SAVE: $45.00
Puma Faas 350 S - Black/Turbulence Jasmine Green
: WAS: $82.00NOW: $39.00SAVE: $43.00
Puma Faas 300 v2 - Jasmine Green Turbulence Black
: WAS: $77.00NOW: $36.00SAVE: $41.00
Under Armour Charge RC 2 Trainer- Bitter Lime/Blue
: WAS: $157.00NOW: $84.00SAVE: $73.00
Under Armour Poison Dart  Trainer- Black/Bitter Lime
: WAS: $135.00NOW: $84.00SAVE: $51.00
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The Science behind Running Trainers

What makes a running trainer comfortable, practical and durable? It’s more than the science in the design. It’s more than the muscle behind the brand. It’s in the choice – your choice. You’re a runner. You’ll brave the run, the road and the raw elements just to get out there. You push yourself at all costs. Every runner is wired the same like that. You’re part of a passionate breed. But you are different – unique. We all are. And that’s why you need to select the right pair of running trainers for you. For starters, your natural foot pronation needs to be taken into account straightaway. The way in which your feet roll forward determines your ‘pronation’. If you understand your pronation now, then you can make a much more informed choice on your running trainers. Here’s a quick guide on pronation and choosing the best footwear:

The outside of your heel is the first part of your foot to hit the ground, before the outer side and little toe area. This puts a lot of pressure on the calf muscles and unevenly wears the heel of your running trainers. So, underpronators are best opting for highly cushioned footwear. Keep an eye out for the products labelled ‘Neutral’ on the Kitbag site.

The outside of the overpronator’s heel plants first, before rolling onto the inner side and back to the centre of the toe area. If you’re an overpronator, then you’ll often underuse the ball of your foot and compensate for the lack of stability by overusing your leg muscles. To help correct this and run more comfortably, look for the trainers marked with the ‘Stability’ tag on this site.
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