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Trail running shoes tend to suit most types of feet and are designed to help you adapt to an off-road running environment.
They do this by offering a high gripping outsole, cushioning for shock absorption and reliable protection and flexibility to help your feet adapt to uneven, harsh surfaces.
Trail shoes are important for off road running to avoid any injuries whilst running on rougher terrains. Click Here for more info.

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Trail running shoes are the perfect running shoes for those runners who love to run off the beaten track, especially on trail routes, hills or uphill terrains. Most running trainers are particularly designed to cushion your foot based on the pronation of your foot; this means the amount your foot inwardly rolls whilst you run. The beauty of trail running trainers however is that they are designed for undulating surfaces, which constantly change and move under your feet. This means that they have the protection in build to keep your foot injury free. They offer firstly, increased traction; so that you always have the grip you need to run safely and quicker on your terrain of choice. Secondly trail running trainers have amazing durable strength. They are designed with the environment in mind, meaning they are waterproof, and built with tough rubber outer soles for resilience. Before you go thinking that a normal running trainer would suit these terrains, think again. A trail running shoe is a cross between a lightweight trainer and a walking boot. It gives you the protection your feet need whilst giving you the lightweight feel to keep your speed up. Thirdly, trail running shoes keep your foot in place so that your ankle doesn’t slip out of place or twist whilst you run. We stock a variety of the leading trail running shoes, from Nike, Asics, Adidas, Under Armour and Puma, making it even easier to pick the shoe for you as we have so many options in terms of colour ways and designs. Have a look at our trail running trainers on and start your off road running today.
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