Running T-Shirts

All our Running T-shirts wick sweat away from your skin and prevent chafing when you run long distances. Shop our selection below
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Nike Miler T-Shirt Blue
Price: Price: $37.00
Nike Miler T-Shirt Red
Price: Price: $37.00
New Balance Impact Ice T-Shirt Blue
: WAS: $44.00NOW: $42.00SAVE: $2.00
Adidas Supernova T-Shirt Black
: WAS: $45.00NOW: $42.00SAVE: $3.00
Nike Miler SS UV (Team) Pink
Price: Price: $34.00
Nike DriFit Touch Tailwind Striped T-Shirt Red
: WAS: $56.00NOW: $45.00SAVE: $11.00
Nike Miler T-Shirt White
Price: Price: $37.00
Nike Miler T-Shirt Red
Price: Price: $37.00
Under Armour Tech T Space Dye Pink
: WAS: $29.00NOW: $21.00SAVE: $8.00
Puma IT evo Training Tee Purple
: WAS: $26.00NOW: $24.00SAVE: $2.00
adidas Supernova SS Tee Black
: WAS: $45.00NOW: $37.00SAVE: $8.00
Puma T Shirt
: WAS: $27.00NOW: $21.00SAVE: $6.00
Adidas Supernova T-Shirt Orange
: WAS: $45.00NOW: $42.00SAVE: $3.00
Nike Miler T-Shirt Black
Price: Price: $37.00
Nike Printed Miler T-Shirt Green
: WAS: $40.00NOW: $32.00SAVE: $8.00
Nike Miler SS UV (Team) Blue
Price: Price: $34.00
Under Armour Tech SS T Dk Grey
: WAS: $24.00NOW: $16.00SAVE: $8.00
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One thing that you can never run without is one of our running t-shirts. They really are the most important part of your running kit that you have available to you. Although you probably think that t-shirts to run in can be simply t-shirts you use as leisure wear, you really need to reconsider this, and the benefits that proper running tops can give you and your run. These benefits include, moisture management, which means that sweat is wicked away from your skin to the outside of your clothing, and then evaporates. Moving sweat away from the skin in this manner is essential as it keeps you cool or warm (depending on the temperature) and also keeps you dry, which in turn also helps to keep you warm. Other benefits of running tops include visibility, as they are designed usually in brighter colours to make sure that you are seen by passing traffic. Running t-shirts also are designed with forward motion in mind, meaning that the inseams are designed to reduce chafing, the top is designed to be streamline and aerodynamic, and the tops are cut in linear motions, which recognises that nothing should be working against the wind to decrease movement. Kitbag have a fantastic range of t-shirts for running, and stock all the big named brands such as Adidas, Asics, Nike and Puma. We have a range of colours and styles, so make sure you shop online with us today.
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