Running Hoodies

Running hoodies are great for warming up and wetter conditions. Our hoodies for running are all lightweight but still keep you warm!
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When the cold nights draw in running is sometimes the last thing that you want to do. But here at Kitbag, we want to make sure that you pick up those running shoes and pull yourself off the sofa and get up and go for a run! We know that it can be cold outside, so we have a range of running hoodies which you can pull on over your running top and will keep you warm whilst you keep fit. Designed with warmth and moisture management in mind, these hoodies will wick sweat away from your under layers and move it to the edge of your clothing to evaporate away. At Kitbag we try and make sure our hoodies for running are brightly coloured or have reflective elements as we know that you wear them at night and safety whilst you run is a number one priority. We also like to take into account longer sleeves and thumbholes so that more of your hand is covered up away from the cold. The brilliance of running hoodies, is that they also have an inbuilt hood, which you can put up to keep your head warm. This is a fantastic element to the design of the top, as when its cold, most of the heat you lose is through your head. Kitbag has a great range of hoodies for running from all the top brands such as Adidas and Nike, so shop our great selection online today.
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