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Stability running shoes are for people who have normal arched feet. To work out which arch type you have follow our footwear guide here

A normal arch means that your foot can tend to roll inwards too much which can affect natural shock absorption. Stability running trainers offer the cushioning and flexibility to support your natural movement.

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Adidas Response Stability 5 Trainer - Womens
: WAS: $96.00NOW: $52.00SAVE: $44.00
New Balance W660BP2 Trainers - Womens
: WAS: $90.00NOW: $52.00SAVE: $38.00
New Balance W660WP3 Trainer- womens
: WAS: $112.00NOW: $52.00SAVE: $60.00
Nike Lunarglide 5 Trainer Womens Red
: WAS: $144.00NOW: $104.00SAVE: $40.00
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Running shoes can be a difficult and overwhelming purchase, and it is tough to know without a small test whether stability running shoes are the right ones for you. The key to running shoes is the size of your pronation, which is a natural inward rolling motion that all runners have. Most runners overdo this pronation, and so the right trainers counteract this. If you are indeed a stability runner you will have a more normal arched foot but will still need a trainer that provides cushioning and long lasting durability. It’s possible to test if you have a normal arch by wetting your feet and pressing them onto a piece of paper. If your print shows the ball of your foot and toes and then a medium sized arch outline and then your heel, it means you have a normal arch and should try some stability running shoes. People with normal arches require cushioning due to the fact you will land on the outside of your heel and also have some inward roll whilst you run. The cushioning absorbers the shock and impact that is felt in the foot as the runner hits the ground, it’s this cushioning and the quality of it, that make the ideal stability running shoes. We stock a variety of the leading stability running trainers, from Nike, Asics, Adidas, Under Armour and Puma, making it even easier to pick the shoe for you as we have so many options in terms of colour ways and designs. Have a look at our stability running shoes on and start running today.
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