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Barefoot Running shoes are for those who want to take the next step and perfect their running technique. Barefoot running helps you to adopt a more natural forefoot strike running style which is said to lower the chance of injury by reducing stress on certain areas of the foot.
They are designed with lightweight, flexible material which offers little protection and cushioning and have a relatively flat foot bed. This helps to provide unrestricted movement and enhances the foots natural stability system

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Barefoot running shoes give you more control over the running shoe, rather than the trainer controlling your foot. However in this, barefoot running trainers can be quite dangerous for the inexperienced runner, and even the experienced runner. The entire way that you look at running and your running technical will need to be changed to make sure that you get the most out of your barefoot running shoes. Key areas that you need to change when you run in barefoot running shoes, are your posture, where you’re foot lands and the amount of times your feet will hit the ground per minute. Firstly, your posture is the key to not injuring yourself whilst you run in barefoot running trainers. You should align your body over the middle of your foot, and stand up straight. Your arms should be at a 45 or 90 degree angle, and your shoulders should be relaxed. Secondly, your feet need to be flat and beneath your hips rather than extended away from the body. Whilst in this position, your knees also need to be bent and flexible. Finally, to make the most out of your barefoot trainers, as you run you should be counting how many times you’re feet come into contact with the floor. You need to be make 180 steps per minute to keep your stride short and efficient and avoid injury. You may think, what is the point of going to this trouble, but the benefits of barefoot running trainers include; developing a more natural gait and therefore strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot. Reducing the possibility of Achilles heel injuries and encouraging forward movement through reduced heel landings. Here at Kitbag, we think with the right advice the barefoot running shoe can really improve your fitness and running technique. Please shop our selection of the best running shoes available, and give us some feedback as to what you think of them.
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