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Running Tights

Running tights are great for reducing chafing giving you a streamline silhouette, they are also great paired with shorts, for a layered look
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Running is best done when look your best and are in excellent performance wear, so other runners think you know business. Kitbag’s range of running tights and compression tights for running really give you the choice you need to make you feel and look good whilst you run as well as to give your muscles the right squeeze to make sure you perform at your best. We have a great selection of running tights that wick sweat away from your body, they do this by moving the sweat from your skin to the outer layer of the pants and then the sweat is evaporated. Many people believe that any old clothes would be good for running as long as it’s not jeans, but in the same way that you wouldn’t wear jeans to go running, you shouldn’t wear normal leggings or pants that are not specifically designed for sport. Running tights and compression tights are specifically designed with breathability in mind, and usually have mesh inbuilt into the tights and running leggings so that the air can circulate and keep you cool whilst you run. Compression tights for running are usually designed with small pockets for you to carry a small key or even a zip pocket to carry a media player. This helps you keep objects safe whilst you run, and also means that you get to play your music whilst on the go. Running tights also help you stay aerodynamic whilst you run, as the fabric is built to promote forward movement. Other key areas of performance are in the inseams that the compression tights for running have inbuilt into them. These reduce chafing and keep your skin happy whilst you run. Compression tights can also help you perform at your peak. The strategically hug and compress muscles so that blood and oxygen can move freely through the body and then this prevents the build up of lactic acid. Lactic acid is the runners’ nemesis, and if you run long distances then you can appreciate that anything that can be done to lessen its affects is always greatly appreciated. Kitbag have a huge range of running tights, and compression tights for running from the top brands such as Adidas, Asics, Nike, New Balance and Puma, and we also have a range of colours and detailing, so you are bound to find the right pair for you.
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