Difference between Authentic vs Replica Kits

What are features of an Authentic Football Shirts?

  • Authentic shirts are exactly what players wear on pitch meaning you’re experiencing exactly what the pros wear.
  • Performance fit: Made with sleeker, athletic design for on-pitch play. The shirt will fit tight to the body without extra material for tugging.
  • Highest Breathability: Moisture-wicking technology and lightweight mesh fabric.
  • Team and sponsor logos are heat-pressed rather than embroidered. This reduces the overall weight of the jersey and gives a sleeker look.

What do the Brands call player-issue shirts?

You will notice when shopping on Kitbag that some brands name player-issue shirts differently which often causes confusion. The below naming convention in product titles should help you understand whether you’re looking at a player-issue shirt:
  • adidas - Authentic Shirt
  • Nike - Vapor Match Shirt
  • Puma - Authentic Shirt
  • Castore - Pro Shirt

What are features of a Replica Football Shirts?

  • Designed with levels of comfortability and wear.
  • Relaxed fit: Fits most body types and is built for comfort rather than performance.
  • Some breathability: Moisture-wicking technology.
  • Team and sponsor logos are embroidered on.
  • The name “replica” is a bit unfortunate, mind you, but you can rest easy knowing that Replicas are officially sanctioned and approved shirts built for supporters around the world.

How do I spot a fake or counterfeit football shirt?

  • Look at the seller. Ensure you are purchasing from a reputable authorised seller like Kitbag. Counterfeit websites are not authorised sellers and may offer prices that are so low they seem like a good deal, but the shirts are made with poor quality materials and workmanship.
  • Look for the label. Official shirts contain an “Authentic Football Replica”, or “Officially Licensed Football Replica” hologram or label usually found on the waist band or collar. Further, each shirt has a serial number on the label.
  • Look for the brand. Another way to spot officially licensed shirts also looking for the brand logo from Nike, adidas, or Puma. Fakes usually do not have this brand label.

Conclusion: Between Replica and Authentic, You Should Buy the…

What kit you buy will just come down to your preference, style and usage.

Authentic shirts look sharp when they fit right and they’re excellent to play in if you plan on wearing yours on the pitch. They’re great for giving you that feeling of the real thing that players wear.

On the contrary, replica shirts offer better value for money and are perfect for showing your support in the stadium or simply behind the TV.

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