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Last updated: 3rdNovember 2022

This Privacy Policy lets you know what happens to any personal data that you provide to us, or any that we may collect, observe and/or infer about you. If you need any more information, contact us at This Privacy Policy was last updated in November 2022 to better communicate how we use your personal data and your rights in relation to it.

This Privacy Policy applies only to personal information processed by or on behalf of Fanatics (International) Limited from visitors to our website and other Properties, where we may place/show it, or as otherwise identified in this Privacy Policy.

1.     About us and how to contact us

We are Fanatics (International) Limited, the controller of your personal data processed from visitors to our website/mobile application, our Properties, or as otherwise identified in this Privacy Policy. You can contact us at Our address is Stubbs Mill, Upper Kirby Street, Manchester M4 6FN.

2.     What personal information do we process and what are their sources?

Sources of the personal information

We collect information from you when you visit our websites, use our mobile applications (“apps”) purchase something from us through the websites, apps, but also through in-venue/event purchases we offer or in-person/online events we may organize (collectively our “Properties”),  contact us by telephone or email (e.g., in the context of contacting our customer services team) or receive a communication from us or otherwise interact with us on our social media channels, our advertising.

We may also collect information about you from our Fanatics group entities (such as our affiliates, including parent and sister companies to the extent they also collect personal information about you), services providers, other third parties that provide information to us, such as Business Partners (as defined below), advertising networks, public sources, social media platforms and networks, and data enrichment services, or organizations that prepare events with/for us.  

You are not required to provide your personal information to us, however, if you do not provide us with certain information (such as Transaction Information or Contact Information), we may not be able to fulfil your order.

We may combine information that we receive from the various sources and make inferences from the information to create a profile about you reflecting your preferences and characteristics.

Categories of personal information we process

Category of personal data: Contact Information. Examples of your personal data: Name, Email Address, Telephone Number, or information regarding your attendance at a venue/event, in case of an in-venue/event sale (e.g., your seat number or sector where you are seated so we can deliver/arrange the pickup of your order).

Category of personal data: Transaction Information. Examples of your personal data:  Purchase details, delivery details, payment details, age or date of birth information, and any communications we have about your purchase.

Category of personal data: Legal Information. Examples of your personal data: Fraud checks or flags raised about your transactions, payment card refusals, complaints and information related to their resolution, legal requests.

Category of personal data: Preference Information. Examples of your personal data: Your marketing preferences, your account settings including any default preferences, any preferences we have observed and/or inferred, such as the types of offers that interest you (e.g., what teams/sports you like, which types of products are your favorite, etc.), or the areas of our website that you visit, likelihood that you will (not) interact with our Properties in a certain way (e.g., how (un)likely are you to buy merchandise from certain teams/leagues).

Category of personal data: Communications. Examples of your personal data: Communications we may have with you, whether relating to a transaction or not. Please note that we keep all written communications and record calls to our customer services team.

Category of personal data: Account Information. Examples of your personal data: Your name, password, account ID and other information specifically associated with your account.  If you have account with us, we may associate your activity on and off our Properties with your account, such as Transaction Information, Contact Information, Observed Information, and other data.

Category of personal data: Other voluntary Information Examples of your personal data: Voluntary information you provide/indicate to us/allow us to collect other than the above, such as your age or date of birth, gender, favourite teams or players, responses to surveys or competition entries, or pictures/videos of you.

Category of personal data: Observed Information. Examples of your personal data: Online and other electronic activity that is gathered automatically when you visit or interact with our Properties, communications and advertisements, or those of our service providers, Business Partners, or other third parties that share information with us. 

This includes details of your online browsing activities, such as the pages, products or areas that you visit and communications that you interact with (such as when you open an email/text message you received from us), the date and time you access/open them, the operating system you are using or which link has brought you to a particular website/advertisement (e.g., when you clicked on it in an email communications/other websites). We also collect your device and other identifiers (such as advertising IDs, pixel, and cookie IDs (see our Cookie Policy), and IP address) and other information we may infer about you, such as a geographical region, based on your IP address; income and gender based on your geographical region or purchases.

Our third-party service providers may allow us to append additional information they observed or inferred about you, such as income and gender, to help us understand additional characteristics about you.

3.     How do we use your personal data?

We use the data we collect about you for various purposes. European/UK/Swiss data protection legislation sets out specific “lawful bases” for processing personal data. The below sets out under which basis we process different information about you and explains the purpose of that processing.

Lawful basis and purpose: Consent to us (or to our affiliates/Business Partners or other third parties) sending you direct marketing communications (e.g., through emails, SMS, or other digital channels) in accordance with the preferences you select when you sign up to receive updates or purchase products, or where you ask us to send you abandoned cart emails (where you have placed items in your basket but not completed your order). Where you provided your consent, we will keep such consent to as evidence (including where we collected such consent on behalf of a third party). We may rely on our Legitimate Interest to send you direct marketing communications if you provide us with your Contact Information in the course of a sale (or negotiations for a sale) of a product or service (for example if you bought a merchandise on our website). You can always change your preferences/opt-out of these communications via the unsubscribe link on any communication from us. If you created an account with us, you can also change your preferences there. What personal data do we use? Contact Information. 

Lawful basis and purpose: Consent you gave us to send you notifications to let you know, for example, when the products/sizes you are interested in are back in stock.  You can always change your preferences/opt-out of these types of communications via the unsubscribe link on communication from us.  You may also sign up to receive specific notices about product or service offerings that are separate from your direct marketing preferences.  For example, if you asked us to notify you when products/sizes you are interested in are back in stock, you will still receive these messages, even if you unsubscribed from general marketing messages in the marketing preference center you accessed through your Account or when clicking on unsubscribe button in one of the general marketing messages.  What personal data do we use? Contact Information. 

Lawful basis and purpose: Consent: To collect certain personal data about you via cookies or other tracking technologies or from third party sources, as well as infer Observed Information for purposes that include:

(i) analytics, such as where we, sometimes with or other third parties, (such as our data enrichment services providers), interpret information to detect general trends related to what our customers like or dislike.  We use this information to improve customers’ overall experience on our Properties and with the products we offer.

(ii) better targeting advertising to your interests (about our products, products of our affiliates or other third parties and services) such where we or other third parties try to build a better picture of the types of Properties, products, offers and communications from us, our affiliates, Business Partners (as defined below) and other third parties that we/they can provide, which you might be interested in, so that the these are more relevant to you.  This may also include us trying to determine how likely it is that you will (not) interact with these (e.g., how (un)likely are you to be a basketball fan); and

(iii) ensuring we recognize that you are a returning customer to allow you to benefit from your preferred settings on our properties, and to recommend the intended geographic website for the location we observed you may be in (e.g., based on your IP address);

(iv) identifying your activity across devices, channels, and platforms for the above purposes.

Information related to cookies and trackers are further fully described in our Cookie Policy .  We may rely on our Legitimate Interest to place/access cookies that are necessary for us to operate the website and provide other requested services to you; or where we consent is not required for further use of data collected through cookies or trackers on our Properties.  What personal data do we use? Contact Information, Preference Information, Observed Information, Other Voluntary Information. Where possible, we will use statistical or pseudonymised data for these purposes. 

Lawful basis and purpose: Our legitimate Interests: To broaden our marketing activity to an audience, which is/may be interested in visiting our Properties. This means that we share details of existing customers with third parties, including with social media companies to show Fanatics products (and those of our Business Partners) to our customers while they are visiting such social media sites as well as to create ‘lookalike’ audiences. We do this to build a more complete picture of the type of individuals who may be interested in our products and focus our marketing activity on those individuals. This marketing activity may occur on one of our Properties or on other websites that you may visit (including social media sites). What personal data do we use? Contact Information, Preference information, Observed Information 

Lawful basis and purpose: Performance of our contract with you: to fulfil your order, take payment and deliver your goods to you or the recipient you indicate, to deal with any complaints or any after sales services, including for warranty purposes, online or at a venue/event, in case of an in-venue/event sale. What personal data do we use? Transaction Information, Contact Information. 

Lawful basis and purpose: Legitimate Interest of us and our Business Partners: to fulfil your order and deliver your goods, where, in certain cases, we fulfil orders on behalf of our Business Partner, who have a contract with you, from our own stock. What personal data do we use? Transaction Information, Contact Information. 

Lawful basis and purpose: our Legitimate interest: to facilitate  payment options , we share your personal data with our payment services providers (such as Klarna – you can find information on Klarna here) to assess whether you qualify for their payment options and to tailor the payment options for you. Your interactions with payment services providers, including how they process your personal data, are governed by their respective privacy policies. What personal data do we use? Transaction Information, Contact Information. 

Lawful basis and purpose: Complying with legal obligations/our legitimate interest: To confirm your identity. To keep records required by law or to evidence our compliance with laws, including tax laws, consumer protection laws and data protection laws (e.g., to keep evidence that we complied with your data subject requests, to make sure we are able to identify you when checking whether you gave us your consent or not, e.g., based on cookie or other information we collect/observe/infer about you). To provide information to law enforcement agencies or other authorities where we are required to do so. What personal data do we use? Legal information, Transaction information, Communications (where relevant), Contact Information, Preference information. 

Lawful basis and purpose: Our legitimate interests: For our internal business administration, to manage customer accounts, including keeping general records of customers, sales, customer care and other interactions and to protect genuine customers and our business from fraud to minimise the risk of false details being used, and abuse of card details by fraudsters. This is necessary for us to operate efficiently, deal with any issues which may arise and to protect ourselves against any future legal claims and ourselves and others against fraudulent transactions. What personal data do we use? Transaction information, Legal information, Communications, Preference information, Contact information, Preference information, Communications, Other Voluntary information. 

Lawful basis and purpose: our Legitimate Interests: To manage any competitions, other promotions, or public out-reach activities that you have chosen to participate in. In certain circumstances, we may ask you to give us your consent with processing of your data, for example when we organize an event/competition for youth participants and would like to use your pictures/other input or to share this information with media for promotional purposes.  Where such competitions/promotions are based on specific terms and conditions, we may process your personal data to perform a contract between us (e.g., to provide you with a discount following your request to participate in a Sign up & Save promotion).  What personal data do we use? Transaction information, Contact Information, Preference information, Communications, Preference information, Other Voluntary information, Observed information. 

Lawful basis and purpose: Performance of our contract with you, where this feature is supported, to provide you with various loyalty and rewards programs (e.g., FanCash) that you can spend on the Properties operated by us or our affiliates that may be participating in such programs and provide you balance updates. What personal data do we use? Contact Information, Other Voluntary Information, Observed Information, Transaction Information. 

Lawful basis and purpose: our Legitimate Interest: When we want to hire a service provider to help us analyze/enrich personal data for one of the above purposes, we want to make sure that they can provide services we need adequately. We may share limited personal data with them to test/ensure quality of analytics services they offer.  Where possible, we will use anonymised or pseudonymised data for these purposes.  What personal data do we use? Contact Information, Other Voluntary Information, Observed Information, Preferences Information, Transaction Information. 

4.     What are your rights and how to exercise them?

·      Access the personal data, we hold about you and obtain a copy of such data.

·      Correct inaccurate or incomplete personal data, we hold about you.

·      Ask to have your personal data erased under certain circumstances.

·      Restrict our use of your personal data under certain circumstances

·      Ask that we transfer the information you gave us from one organisation to another, or give it to you. The right only applies if we are processing information based on your consent or under, or in talks about entering into a contract and the processing is automated (this is known as a Data Portability right).

·      Refuse or withdraw consent, where we ask(ed) you for one. The lawfulness of our processing of your data that occurred before you withdrew your consent will not be affected.

·      Object to our processing of your personal data for the those of the above purposes, where we rely on our legitimate interest to do so (e.g., where we use third party service providers to learn additional attributes about our customers to improve our services and advertising). You always have the right to object when we process your personal data for direct marketing purposes (see below how).

You may exercise any of the rights outlined above by emailing us at In order to best respond to your request, we ask that you include your country of residency and the name of the specific Fanatics website(s) to which your request applies.

Please contact us if you have any concern about how your personal information is processed at and we will try to resolve your concerns. However, if you consider that we are in breach of our obligations under data protection laws, you may lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom or your home country.

Mobile Application-Based Opt-Outs.

·        Personalized Advertising. To the extent we have launched an App, you may opt out of certain personalization of advertisements on mobile applications or reset advertising identifiers via your device settings.  Depending on your operating system, you may be asked for consent with certain personalized advertising.  To learn how to limit ad tracking or to reset the advertising identifier on your iOS and Android device, click on the following links: 

o   iOS -

o   Android - 

·        Location Tracking. In some cases, such as when using an App, you may also adjust the settings on your mobile device to allow or restrict the sharing of location information. For example, the "location" permissions on your mobile device may allow you to elect whether to never share location information with us, to share location information only while you are using the Properties or always share location information even if you are not using the Properties. If you elect to not share your location information, you may be unable to access some features of our services that are designed for mobile devices. Also, if you prevent the sharing of location information, we may still estimate your general location based on the IP address you use to access our services.

5.     Third-Party Websites and Social Media Services

The website may contain links to other websites or Internet resources. When you click on one of those links, you are contacting another website or Internet resource. We have no responsibility or liability for, or control over, those other websites or resources or their collection, use and disclosure of your personal data. We suggest that you read the privacy policy and terms of use of each such website, which govern your interaction with them.

6.    Children’s Data

Our Properties are generally not intended for individuals below 16 years of age/13 years of age in specific countries, which allow for personal data collection based on child’s own consent (such as the UK).  As a general rule, we do not knowingly collect any personal data from children under 16 years of age/13 years of age in certain specific countries, such as the UK, without consent of their parents/legal guardians. If you believe that we have inadvertently collected personal data from a child under the age of 16/13 in the UK without such consent, please contact us at the address above and we will use reasonable efforts to delete the child’s data from our databases.  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions  to consult age restrictions on making Orders through our Properties for minors under 18 years of age.

We may organize dedicated events for children of various age brackets.  In such cases, we may further supplement this Privacy Policy with a dedicated notice, as necessary.

7.     Social Media, Widgets and Open Forums

Our Properties may allow you to engage with social media services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram ("Social Networks"), and widgets such as the "Share this" button, or interactive mini programs that run on our website or which link from Social Networks to our website ("Social Functions"). These Social Functions may access, collect, and integrate with your Social Network accounts and information. For example, these Social Functions may collect your IP address, identify which page you are visiting on our Properties, or set a cookie. We may make available the opportunity for Social Functions to be used to register you as a website user. For example, if you are not currently registered as a website user and you use certain Social Functions, you will be asked to enter your Social Network credentials and then be given the option to register and join the Website. If you choose to use these Social Functions, you may be sharing certain Social Network profile elements with us, including your name, birthday (month/day), comments, contacts, email address, photos, or favourite teams. This sharing is subject to each Social Network's own privacy policy and terms of use. We do not control those Social Networks or your profiles on those services. Nor do we modify your privacy settings on those services or establish rules about how your personal information on those services will be used. Social Functions are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our website. Your interactions with them are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing them. Please refer to the privacy settings in your Social Network account to manage the data that is shared with us through your account. Information you include and transmit online in a publicly accessible blog, chat room, or Social Network, or that you share in an open forum such as an in-person panel or survey, may be viewed and used by others without us being able to restrict their use by third parties (to the extent we use such personal data, this Privacy Policy will apply). We do not control such uses of your personal information, and by using such services you assume the risk and acknowledge that the personal information provided by you may be viewed and used by or third parties for any number of purposes and that the usage restrictions set forth in this Privacy Policy do not apply to such services.

8.     Who do we share personal information with and where are they?

We will share your personal data with our service providers (who process data on our behalf), third party affiliates (which may process your personal data for their own purposes), our Business Partners and our Fanatics affiliated entities. Some of these parties may not be located where you reside.

Service Providers and Fanatic Group Entities and Other Third-Party Affiliates

We will have in place an agreement with our service providers which will restrict how they are able to process your personal information and require them to keep it secure. We use some service providers directly in the fulfilment of your orders, for example for personalisation services, or where products are shipped directly by the manufacturer from their warehouse. Other service provider examples include IT providers, internet service providers, and data analytics providers. We may also use service providers in less direct ways, such as in the provision of our payment and finance systems, and to anticipate, prevent, and detect fraud.

We also share personal information with our own affiliates, including our parent company Fanatics LLC, and other affiliated entities who provide some services for us, or where they process personal information for their own purposes (e.g., where you provide consent for them to send you direct marketing communications).

We may share your personal data with organizations we work with to organize various events, including competitions for our customers and other individuals, as well as educational and community outreach activities.

We may also share your personal data with various professional advisors such as lawyers, accountants, auditors, translators, and other professionals, where they advise us on our relationship.

We share some of your data with Rokt Pte Ltd (“Rokt”), who use that information to target their direct marketing to you (where you have consented to receive it). This means that Rokt use the information you provide us with, so that on-site advertisements can be served to you. More information about how Rokt process your personal data and how you may exercise your rights in relation to that data can be found in their privacy policy.

Our website also contains scripts from third party affiliates who will gather Observed Information about you in order to verify referrals from third party advertising (i.e., to verify that you actually purchased something on our Properties, based on your interaction with an advertisement on a different site). We do not process this information, but it is collected directly by them and processed in accordance with their privacy policies.  Some of our third-party affiliates, which we share your personal data with, also help us broaden our marketing activities to reach an audience, which is/may be interested in visiting our Properties.  Some of our third-party affiliates, which we share your personal data with, also help us better understand our customers, by providing additional information collected about those customers.

Business Partners

We may share your personal information with third parties, whose merchandise we sell on our Properties, for their own purposes (“Business Partners”) (or their service providers), such as for marketing purposes.  In many cases, such sharing is related to our operation of the website, such as sharing your personal information (including Transactional Information, Contact Information) with a Business Partner when you purchase that Business Partner's merchandise from us. You may contact us at to opt out of future sharing your personal information with Business Partners. However, we do not control how Business Partners use and share your information after we have shared it with them. Please contact such Business Partners directly for information about their privacy practices or to exercise rights you may have (including if you would like to opt-out of receiving future emails from a Business Partner).

If you participate in our FanCash program, we may also share your personal information with Business Partners and other third parties to operate the program and allow you to acquire and redeem points.

Other Use Cases

We may share any of your personal data with a prospective purchaser or purchaser of any part of our business, or otherwise in connection with a sale, merger, change of control, bankruptcy, or similar transaction on the basis of our legitimate interests and the interests of our purchaser, so that they can appropriately value the business and assess any risks and continue doing business with you after the acquisition.

We may share your personal information: (a) as required by law or legal process; (b) to investigate suspected fraud, harassment, or other violations of any law, rule, or regulation; (c) to investigate suspected violations of any terms or policies applicable to the Properties or the services provided by us or our third party providers or affiliates; or (d) where we reasonably conclude that it is necessary for defending, exercising or establishing our legal rights.

We may also share your personal data with media, such as in instances where you participated in some of our competitions and events, youth and community programs and other Fanatics public engagement activities.

With other third parties with your consent.

International Transfers

If any service provider, this party affiliate, Business Partner or affiliated entity is based outside of the United Kingdom, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, in a country, which was not recognized as providing adequate protection to personal data by the European Commission the United Kingdom Secretary of State and/or the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner, data protections provided by those countries may not be equal to those of the UK, EEA or Switzerland. In those cases, we will ensure that we have an appropriate contract for the international transfer of personal information with them, they have binding corporate rules, approved code of conduct or certification in place, or that we can apply a permissible statutory derogation. In respect of Fanatics LLC, and our affiliates entities we share your personal information with, we have a contract in place in the form authorised by the European Commission, the United Kingdom Secretary of State and Parliament and Swiss authorities, for the international transfer of personal data.

Please reach out to us using the contact information above, if you want to receive further information or, where available, a copy of the relevant data transfer mechanism.

9.    How long do we keep your information for?

We will only retain your personal information for as long as we need to fulfil the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy and for as long as we have a legal requirement to do so.  Different retention periods may apply for to different types of records and data, however the longest we will generally hold any personal data is 7 years from the date of your last transaction, for taxation, accounting, and risk management purposes. This may be extended in the event of a query, investigation, or dispute until fully resolved.

If you would like to know more about retention periods applicable to your particular circumstance, you can contact us using details provided above.

10.  Updates to this Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time-to-time.  When required under applicable law, we will provide you with an appropriate notification regarding any changes we make by posting the updated version of the Privacy Policy/ provide a notification on this website/ or reaching out to you directly, as appropriate.