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The Transfer Shield Programme is governed by the Transfer Shield Terms and Conditions. The FAQs below will provide you answers to most of your questions below.

How do I file a Claim?

To file a claim for our Transfer Shield programme, please fill out the form here. When submitting a claim, you must reference the order number and  the email address associated with the order.

What does Transfer Shield cover?

Transfer Shield protects you when the player whose shirt you purchased leaves the Club via transfer.

How much does Transfer Shield cost?

There is no charge associated with protection offered by the Transfer Shield programme, except return shipping. Customers are requested to return their original purchased jersey, details to be provided when a claim is submitted. You are responsible for charges associated with shipping the jersey to Fanatics.

How long does Transfer Shield last?

In most cases, your shirt is covered under Transfer Shield for ninety (90) days following your purchase from us. For player movement claims, you have fourteen (14) days to file a claim after the transfer is officially announced by the Club.

What kind of player-movement is covered?

Transfer Shield covers any permanent player movement as a result of a transfer, for any official squad member according to the dropdown list of players on site at time of purchase.

What is not covered?

Transfer Shield does not cover the following:

  • Any player item that is not an official team shirt (i.e., shorts, socks, training range or other player product are excluded from the Transfer Shield programme)
  • Printing of a name not included in the squad list (i.e. customised name & number)
  • Any players who leaves the Club due to contract expiry/release/, retirement, injury, dismissal or anything similar
  • Player number changes within the same team
  • Autographed shirts
  • Changes to the team’s shirt (i.e. change of sponsor or logo)
  • Any Loan signings/transfers

Do I need to register my shirt?

There is an information form included in your post-purchase email for the purposes of improving our program that we'd like you to participate in but this is not required. All eligible shirts are covered under our Transfer Shield Plan will be honoured under eligible circumstances.

What can I get as a replacement?

Fanatics will replace your shirt with a shirt of the same Club with a different player name/number, or a shirt of the same player for their new Club, available subject to stock.

For Example: When Cristiano Ronaldo moved from Juventus to Manchester United, if you qualify for Transfer Shield you can have a replacement shirt of another player in the Juventus squad, or a Cristiano Rolando Manchester United shirt. The new shirt will be the exact same type of shirt. Therefore, if you originally ordered a men’s home replica shirt, the shirt you'd receive would also be a men’s home replica shirt.

Can I upgrade my replacement to a different shirt?

Upgrades are allowed. While filing your claim with our Customer Service Athlete let them know you're interested in upgrading. You will pay the difference between the amount originally paid and the upgraded shirt cost at time of replacement.

What do I do with my old shirt?

You'll have to send your shirt back to us. Our friendly customer support team will send you return instructions once your claim is filed. IMPORTANT: You cannot use the return label that came in your original package for any Transfer Shield claims.

Where do I find information about player movement?

Fanatics will only recognize a transfer once officially announced by the Club, or applicable league. Our customer service athletes will be consulting the following repositories to determine eligibility:

I need to file a claim, what do I do now?

It's easy! Fill out some basic information on our online form found here and one of our dedicated Transfer Shield support team members will be happy to help you get the process started. 

What happens next?

After you have submitted your claim, you will receive an email with details on how to ship your shirt back to us, including the postal address to which you should ship the shirt.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for your claim to processed and to receive your replacement shirt.

Terms and Conditions


If you purchase any shirt on this site that is embellished with the name of a currently active professional player (each an "Original Shirt") that is identified as being covered by our Transfer Shield™ Program at the time ordered ("Covered Shirt") and the player whose name and number appears on the Original Shirt is officially transferred to a new Club via sale ("Prior Club Shirt") within ninety (90) days after your Covered Shirt was purchased, then you may request an in-stock replacement shirt that is embellished with (A) the same player's name on a shirt from the new Club in exchange for a returned Prior Club Shirt, or (B) the name of a different, current player on the Original Shirt's Club in exchange for a Prior Club Shirt (each of (A) and (B), a "Replacement Shirt"), in each case subject to all of the following terms and conditions ("Offer"), including the need to return the Covered Shirt to us.

Terms & Conditions.

Offer only applicable to an Original Shirt (including shirts with player name and number selected from the dropdown squad list on site at time of purchase) originally purchased on this site Offer excludes any items not identified at time of purchase as being covered by our Transfer Shield™ Programme including, without limitation, tees, fleece, hard goods, or any other non-shirt item(s) with player name and/or number, or any autographed, game-used or framed items. Voluntary player name or number changes without changing Clubs, Club/ shirt changes (e.g., change in city, logo or design), or changes due to retirement, dismissal/ cut from the Club due to suspension, injury or performance, or loan transfers, also are excluded. Replacement Shirts are shipped with free standard shipping only upon receipt of the Original Shirt(s); Replacement Shirt(s) are not eligible for upgraded or expedited shipping methods or services. A maximum of five (5) Prior Club Shirts per physical address may be replaced within one (1) calendar year. Offer terms in effect on the date you request your Replacement Shirt shall apply. Offer, including the terms and conditions, is subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice.

Redemption Conditions. To redeem the Offer for a Covered Shirt and receive a Replacement Shirt, you must:

Complete and submit the forms provided located here to the address provided on the label, which are required to process your Replacement Shirt. The forms must be received at our processing centre within fourteen (14) days after the official, published transaction date for transfer or loan to a new Club for a Prior Club Shirt. Forms will not be accepted at any retail location.

Return the Covered Shirt using the label provided by the Transfer Shield™ Programme Specialist within fourteen (14) days after initiating a request with Fanatics to redeem Offer to the address provided on the label. We are unable to accept the return shirt at a retail location. Our Transfer Shield™ Programme Specialist will provide instructions for shipping; and

Select a Replacement Shirt with a retail price that is the same as, or lower than, the price paid for the Original Shirt in order to receive the Replacement Shirt for free (Replacement Shirt price is defined as the retail price on this site prior to any temporary markdowns, promotion codes on the date we receive your Original Shirt).