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Football Boots
Anybody who plays the beautiful game understands the importance of choosing the right pair of football boots. It’s a tricky thing to explain to those who don’t play. There’s a science to the selection process and it’s no coincidence that the majority of flair players in football wear Nike Mercurials (or similar). At the same time, it’s no surprise to see defenders opting for more durable Adidas adipures.
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Whether you like to zip down the wing, craft the perfect pass, boss the midfield or get stuck into every tackle, our football boots guide makes it easy for you to compare those best-suited to your playing profile. If you already know the boots want, forget the guide. Use our options on the left of this page to find your favourite pair.

When Football Boots Evolved… Football boots never used to be so intricately designed but former Liverpool player, Craig Johnston, changed the game forever in 1994. When Johnston retired as a player, he began coaching youth players in his home country – Australia. One day it was raining (yes, even in Australia) and the kids were struggling with their shooting practice. Johnston told them they needed to ‘grip the ball’ when they strike it. Still, the kids couldn’t quite find the knack and they blamed the rain – claiming the wet ball was too greasy to get a hold of. So, Johnston came up with the idea to attach rubber, a much more frictional material, to his football boots. The prototype was made by gluing the rubber from his personal table-tennis bat and when he first tested them outside, he got some real purchase on the ball. The retired pro knew he was onto something. Adidas took the idea on-board and has since refined the boot every year. Predators were made and evolved to give quality strikers of the ball even more control. But what about those players who prefer to dance their way towards goal? What about those who put the afterburners on to get down the wing at high-speed? What about those who wanted a boot designed to protect them in every bone-crunching challenge? “Knowing and trusting your boots, and being happy and comfortable in them is the most important thing.” - Alan Shearer

Well, Adidas wouldn’t stop there and, of course, other major brands had to compete. As a result - you have an enormous selection of highly scientific boots to choose from today, each tweaked to match the primary desire of you, the individual player. Getting your boots from Fanatics… We look into the science behind every new boot and align their specifications to four different player characters. If you know which character relates to you, then it’s easy for you to find football boots at Fanatics: Speed Demons If you’re a speed demon, then the right (light) boots can help you nip away from tackles, flicker between defensive lines and maintain the most delicate of touches at high-speed. Most speedsters opt for footwear families like Nike Mercurial, Hypervenom or Adidas F50. Pro speed demons: Cristiano Ronaldo – Nike Mercurial Gareth Bale – Adidas F50 Neymar – Nike Hypervenom Control Freaks If you’re all about the perfect touch and the perfectly weighted pass, then you’re a control freak (that’s a good thing). You’ll benefit most with a pair of Puma Kings or any of the Nike CTR360 series. Pro control freaks: Andres Iniesta – Nike CTR360 Mesut Ozil – Nike Tiempo Legend Cesc Fabregas – Puma Powercat Midfield Generals If you like to dominate the centre of the park and dictate the pace of the match with your tenacity, long passing ability and sheer will to shoot from range, then you’re a midfield general. You’ll benefit from a very specific type of footwear for your very specific role in the game. The best boot for you? Probably the Adidas Predator LZ TRX – but there are many alternatives for you to look into at Fanatics. Pro midfield generals: Steven Gerrard – Adidas Predator Yaya Toure – Puma King Xabi Alonso – Adidas Nitrocharge No Nonsense You’re a no nonsense player so we’ll get straight into it – get yourself a pair of armoured football boots like Nike Tiempo Legends, Adidas adipures or Warrior Skreamers. Pro no nonsense players: Sergio Ramos – Nike Tiempo Vincent Kompany – Warrior Skreamer Gerard Pique – Nike Tiempo
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